Hello Folks,

Most of you might be aware with PHP and the way PHP has penetrated into the nerves of the internet; that we don’t need words to appreciate it. I personally feel that my own freelancing career has given me huge opportunities offshore but whenever I approached anyone in my country always came across a question that from where did you learnt PHP. And there wasn’t much appreciation on saying that I learnt on my own since in India everyone wants a certificate for assurance.

Recently I saw an advertisement of Innobuzz’s Distance Learning Program which certifies us as a PHP Professional. The course has been designed by experts and secondly it is highly effective for newbies as well professionals who are just looking for a certificate.

This program contains videos, presentations, demos and case studies in GUI based environment. The course can be simply ordered online and will be delivered to our doorstep. After completion of this course, we need to appear for an online exam and on clearing it a digital certificate is generated. Also the hard copy is delivered to us. Innobuzz is a globally recognized name in the IT circles for various training and IT projects. So this certificate will be of great value to anyone who enrolls into it. Now the best part about this course is that it comes with a nominal cost of INR 4500 only.

So what are you waiting for………simply apply for this course and become a Certified PHP Programmer 🙂

Useful Links

1. Innobuzz Website

2. Brochure for Certified PHP Professional Course on Distance Learning