Review of LABNOL Attack

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Hey Folks,

After a long time, I had to spare some time for writing this article since today it became the black day in the history of Indian Blogging. The most influential blogging site of India, Digital Inspiration run by Amit Agarwal got attacked and all the data was deleted (link). Amit Agarwal, who is India’s First Professional Blogger and he has always been a source of inspiration for all the indian bloggers. His worthy efforts has allowed India to get a place in the worldwide competition of top blogs. I’m really very dejected with this sort of attack 🙁

About the Attack

Few days back, the hacker(Ocim32) had injected an script in and generated revenue of $28. The script was removed several times though the attacker managed to reinsert it. On 27th June, the site was hacked but somehow recovered (link). Finally on 1st July, the attacker took the extreme step and deleted almost all the websites of the Digital Inspiration Network.

What do we learn?

The main website was running on WordPress and DreamHost was the hosting firm. Nothing seems to be wrong in the choice of software and webhost. If we look at the insights then WordPress has penetrated the blogging network and majority bloggers are using it. Now if a blog of such high repute got compromised then the warning bells are ringing.

We can’t say that a blog of such value wasn’t using correct security measures. Can we trust on WordPress anymore? This is the only question to be asked since what should we do if something like this happens with us. Every day many websites running on WordPress gets targeted to various types of attack, who is to be held responsible: the hackers or poor security.

We need to form an association for protecting India on the cyber world else everyday one or the other sites will be targeted. Apart from that proper awareness regarding security should be the first priority!

Finally I would like to say that this event is sure shot eye-opener for all the blogger of India. Now make it a point to secure your sites since it’s better to secure than to call up a war!

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Google Plus Nickname Generator

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First of all I would like to thank all my readers for their huge response on my last article on “Google Plus Invitation Trick”. Google Plus is really an awesome social networking platform. After using it for some time, I am very satisfied with its uncluttered design and rich UI. The most appealing feature is the division of your contact list into circles which gives us full control on the visibility of our content.

After spending a lot of time on Google Plus, I also came across an issue, i.e., it didn’t had an option to have share friendly URLs like, Twitter( or Facebook( rather is uses profile ID similar to Orkut.So I thought of writing a Nickname Generator in PHP, which would enable us to share our Google Plus profiles easily till Google implements it. This will generate a nickname like

For generating a short url, we need to enter our desired nickname and oour Profile ID. Check the following image for getting the Profile ID.

Google Plus Profile ID


Following are the basic requirements to implement Google Nickname Generator on your domain:

  1. A short domain name, e.g., or
  2. PHP
  3. MySQL
  4. jQuery (Google jQuery API Key)
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Email Etiquette

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E-Mail or we say an Electronic mail forms an essential part of our day to day life. This is an important innovation of technology; allowing us to communicate with our near and dear ones, company officials and even strangers. When it comes to personal mailing, then things doesn’t matter much, but when it comes to official mails, communication in a right manner; matters a lot. An e-mail written in an effective manner can add laurels to our career as well as life.

The basic rule of E-mail is IMPACT. Yes, though a complete word in itself that has broad and positive meaning, still an abbreviation in terms of mailing world.

Intention: What do you wish to achieve?

Medium: Is email best way to communicate?

Profile: What does it say about your Organization?

Assumption: What are you assuming about your Recipient?

Craft: Is it easy to read and understand?

Them: Read it back from their point of View!

Intention signifies what is expected from the person whom we are mailing to, i.e., whether we want them to take any action or we just want to inform about something. This will help us in getting an effective and correct response.

Sometimes, sending a mail is not a best way to communicate, e.g. we want to know urgently whether permission is to be granted to a third person or not regarding some software access and for this we need to ask our manager for approval, and then we can’t send an email and wait for his/her response. We just need to call our manager at that point since its urgent. Hence sending an e-mail won’t solve our purpose at this time.

Profile determines the essence of our organization on the person/client we are mailing to. Being a part of an organization, we need to communicate with different people and represent our organization. Hence it becomes essential that we provide them with apt information. So that they can have a positive image of our organization.

There comes a day when we are new to an organization and we don’t have any idea of the officials holding different responsibilities. We simply assume the person based on our I.Q and send a mail. And if that person is not the one authorized, he simply replies us back informing the same. This can be avoided by getting assumptions clarified. We may ask the person in our mail to guide us to the intended person.

Ensuring easy and clear reading and understanding of the content is also a key part of mailing. This will help the intended person to reply us in a better way.

Last but not the least and most important, read an email at least once before sending it in order to perceive it from the receiver’s point of view plus to avoid any typos.

Now, some quick tips in addition to this basic rule:

1. Be Systematic; Organize your mails in folders like Important, Personal, Professional, Clients etc.
2. Think of your recipient and never forward junk/abusive mails. Since our contact list usually has contacts of  varied age group and status.

3. Keep the mail short and simple(KISS); avoid using complex words.

4. Conclude the mail with a signature. It should include our Name, Designation, Name of the Organization, Address and Contact Number(optional)

5. Do use a hyperlink instead of attachments or copies

6. Switch to Microsoft Outlook for better handling of mails

I hope these basic Email Etiquette will help you all in developing an effective communication in your professional life. Apply them slowly one by one in your daily routine and you’ll figure out favorable results for sure.

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 – A must have smartphone!

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Hey Folks,

After a long time, I’m posting. It really feels very good since I’m back to blogging. Well I purchased a new smartphone from Sony Ericsson in November, 2010. It is XPERIA X8 previously rumored as Sony Ericsson Shakira(though its official name is Sony Ericsson E15i or Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8). Some of its remarkable features are Android OS(currently Android Eclair 2.1), WiFi, 3.0 inch HVGA capacitive touch screen, A-GPS, a 3.2 MP Camera, 600MHz processor, etc.

Well it has a numerous features so for the full review of this phone, check @ Since my main motive is to share my own personal experience with this phone. It priced me INR 13, 500/- (approx $280) & in this range I bet this is the best phone in Indian markets. Even this is far better than XPERIA X10 Mini, which has a very small screen of 2.55 inch along with other issues.

XPERIA X8 is now using Android Eclair, which makes it capable of running various application and provides a great user experience. This is really a true executive phone since it allows various functionalities like reading mails, updating social networking profile in a go and many more things. After that Sony Ericsson’s Timescape Application combines SMS’s, missed calls, Twitter Updates & Facebook Updates in a single place & hence gives us a great control. It is really an amazing application!

Android Market is a store of hundreds and thousands of applications. Most of them are available free of cost while some come with a nominal price. We can directly install applications from the market without connecting to our computer.

This phone can be customized a lot in terms of menu, wallpapers, applications, services, etc. The best feature of this phone is the speed, which makes it the best in its range. After using it for more than two months, I never faced any sluggishness or crash. It is only due to its Qualcomm MSM7227 600 MHz processor.

Important Android Applications:

  1. Quickoffice Pro – A suite provides a reader/editor for DOC, XLS, PPT & PDF documents.
  2. TasKiller – Allows to close the running applications & hence save memory.
  3. Swype HVGA – It is an advanced keyboard which simplifies the typing on a touchscreen.
  4. GPS Test – Provides longitude, latitude & altitude from GPS Satellites.
  5. PowerAMP – An advanced music player.
  6. Aldiko Book Reader – Book reader.
  7. CamCard – A business card reader.
  8. SMS Backup+ – Backs up all the SMS’s to our GMail inbox.
  9. Dolphin HD Browser – Advanced browser with many functions & addons.
  10. Adobe Photoshop Express – Provides simple image editing & also provides an option to upload images to Photoshop Library
  11. MapDroyd – Worldwide offline maps with GPS synchronization

Note: All the applications I’ve mentioned above are running on my phone without any issues.

This phone’s hardware capabilities are really good and with good applications, we can enhance our user experience to a new level. After summing up everything I can clearly say that if you have a limited budget & want to have a great Android experience then this is the best phone, anyone can have. This is a true executive phone due to its simple looks as well as the functionalities it offers.

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Acer Aspire 4740 with Intel Core i3 processor

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Hi Folks :),

My dad gifted me an Acer Aspire 4740 with Intel Core i3 processor on my birthday.

Acer Aspire 4740

Acer Aspire 4740

Let me tell you the configuration in brief:

  • Processor: Intel Core i3 330M(2.13GHz, 1066MHz FSB)
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Hard Disk: 320GB
  • Graphics: Intel GMA x4500MHD
  • Display: 1366×768

Basically this is a 64bit laptop due to which I can run both 32bit & 64bit applications. And secondly the performance is really very good while running 64bit applications.

Acer Aspire 4740: Back Look

Acer Aspire 4740: Back Look

In short, this is the best laptop in this configuration and best suited for professionals. Till today I haven’t faced any trouble with it neither you will. So if you are planning for buying one, just go for it.

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