Recently I had attended a conference EMERGE OUT Delhi by NASSCOM. One of the speaker in the conference was Mr. Rajan Anandan who is the Managing Director of Google India! His best words were, if you want to be a successful in next 2-3 years then switch to mobile application development and as a company if you wish to become a millionaire or billionaire then hire 100 mobile application developers. His words motivated me a lot and forced me to start learning mobile application development.

Let’s find out that how can we actually start diving deep into learning Android:


This website is sufficient for someone to learning android app development. It acts as a guide which covers from soups to nuts of android development. It also has a training feature where step by step methods are used.

2. TheNewBoston Channel on YouTUBE (Thanks to Abhishek Gahlot for sharing)

As per Mr. Anandan in the coming times, 90% of a website’s content will be video. Since every likes watching a video. So the above mentioned channel has 200 videos for dedicated android training.

The above mentioned resources are more than sufficient for someone who wish to learn android.