[Video] Access WhatsApp on your Tablet and Phone Simultaneously

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Hey Folks,

Recently I got a Nexus 7(2013) WiFi tablet and out of curiosity wanted to install WhatsApp Messenger. There are plenty of methods available online which requires either rooting or installing the messenger through the APK file.

Thanks to WhatsApp Web we can access it on our tablet! Let’s see how to achieve it:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome on your tablet

Step 2: From options menu, tick the Request Desktop Site. 

Step 3: Open web.whatsapp.com

Step 4: Scan the QR Code using your phone having your WhatsApp

Step 5: Now you can access your WhatsApp Messenger simultaneously on your tablet and phone

I’ve prepared a video with the screenshots. Do check it out 🙂

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Launch of New Mobile & LCD TV Categories on ConsumerMate.com

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Hi Folks,

Are you planning to purchase a new mobile phone or a LCD TV or a laptop on this Diwali? Then you might have searched a lot to get the best but did you get all the information about the product? I think partially no since its really very difficult to gather each and every detail about a product. Now you need not worry because there is one website which will solve all your queries. It is consumermate.com.


It is a wonderful website and its UI is amazing. Consumer Mate is really very user friendly, so you won’t be confused as in the case with many sites.

Now let me introduce some fabulous features of Consumer Mate:

  • Ask Us(allows you to ask the gurus to solve your queries)
  • Compare Models(compare different models of a product)
  • Buying Guide(helps you to find the relevant features to look before purchasing a product)
  • Hot Deals
  • Test Centre Ratings by Digit(reviews by Digit)
  • New Launches(shows the latest models launched in the market)

The most appealing feature of Consumer Mate according to me is the laptop selector. It requires to give your specifications like, Price Range, Weight, Brand, etc. And filters the result accordingly. Even I found its UI better from CNET. It also has the latest street prices of the products shown.

So after summing up everything Consumer Mate is a perfect site to tackle the issues for selecting the best mobile phone or laptop or LCD TV.


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  2. Mobile Phone Reviews on Consumer Mate
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