In today’s world, everyone owns a blog but have we ever wondered that what are we going to do in case of a disaster leading to loss of all the content? Just imagine a scenario where a popular blog crashes and all data is lost. We are living in a world where things are expected to happen instantly and at every point of time there are 1000+ alternatives for a given item. So to beat this situation we must be well prepared else we would end up messing up everything.

Recently while working on a newspaper’s website, I was wondering that what if all the content is lost since how much can we trust the cloud; is a big question? I ended up writing a script which would dump the MySQL database and would create a final archive with the content and database dump. Finally this archive is transferred to another server.

Now this script also has many limitations and issues but at least solves the purpose. The main focus is to handle some uncertain situations and secondly implementing a backup script on a server isn’t a rocket science but at least helps us prepare to handle a disaster.

Finally I would like to request everyone to suggest more functions to the backup script as well as try installing it on their servers. In today’s world to actually create a difference one only needs to follow some basic tricks of trade which does the magic. Happy Coding 🙂