Android Development 101

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Recently I had attended a conference EMERGE OUT Delhi by NASSCOM. One of the speaker in the conference was Mr. Rajan Anandan who is the Managing Director of Google India! His best words were, if you want to be a successful in next 2-3 years then switch to mobile application development and as a company if you wish to become a millionaire or billionaire then hire 100 mobile application developers. His words motivated me a lot and forced me to start learning mobile application development.

Let’s find out that how can we actually start diving deep into learning Android:


This website is sufficient for someone to learning android app development. It acts as a guide which covers from soups to nuts of android development. It also has a training feature where step by step methods are used.

2. TheNewBoston Channel on YouTUBE (Thanks to Abhishek Gahlot for sharing)

As per Mr. Anandan in the coming times, 90% of a website’s content will be video. Since every likes watching a video. So the above mentioned channel has 200 videos for dedicated android training.

The above mentioned resources are more than sufficient for someone who wish to learn android.

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Repair Damaged WordPress Installation

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Recently one of my close friend’s WordPress site got attacked and he approached for a possible solution. After some basic assessment I found that the attacker had accessed the database and deleted the entries from wp_users table. So after restoring the values, the site started working smoothly. This experience led to the inspiration for writing this article. Before we start, let’s find the reasons for a possible attack:

  1. Site Hosted on a Vulnerable Server: Most of the times a WordPress site gets attacked just because of a vulnerable server since WordPress is highly secured from various attacks. So running after cheap web hosts isn’t a good decision.
  2. Badly Configured WordPress Installation: Most of the times the site isn’t properly configured in terms of security which leads to many exploits.

Now let’s consider a attack scenario to understand the topic in a better way:

An attacker first of all attacks the most vulnerable site hosted on a server. After that he simply uploads a script known as shell and tries to traverse the whole server, which results in access to many websites. Most of the times a SymLink Attack is done to get access to all the domains hosted on that particular server. This results to access the wp-config.php file of any site using WordPress. Now the attacker gets access to the database and simply adds a new user to the database or modifies the password of the present user. Finally he logs into the admin panel and modifies any theme or plugin with the shell and thus gains full access.

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