Download Firefox 3 – Official Download Day time in INDIA – Tue 17th June 10:30 pm

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The Official Download Day starts on June 17th at 10 a.m. PDT. Don’t know the exact reason of choosing PDT whereas most of the part in world accept GMT. So, If you are in India then lets wait more 7 odd hours to download Firefox 3.

So the download day starts in India on:

17th June 10:30 pm IST

Read more about the Download Day time here

Fixed Time Around The Globe

Track Firefox 3 Launch Process

Firefox 3 New Website

Firefox 3 New Website

Firefox 3 New Website

(This is a test website of Mozilla)

A Message from Mozilla

We’re not quite ready yet!

We’re just as excited as you are for our upcoming release, but we’re still putting the finishing touches on Firefox 3: preparing the new website, getting our severs ready for downloads, and doing our final pre-launch checks. You can follow our progress if you’d like!

The files in this directory are – for now – only meant to be used by our testers. Downloading them directly can harm our ability to distribute Firefox efficiently, and will also not be counted as part of our attempt to set a Guiness World Record for the most software downloads in a day.

If you’d like to be notifed the minute that we launch, please go to sign up for Download Day. Or just head over to on Tuesday, June 17th after 10am PDT.

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Firefox 3 – Coming on June 17

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Hello Friends,

You will be amazed to know that our most lovable browser Mozilla Firefox’s Version 3(or Gran Paradiso, its development name) is coming in few days(as told by Mozilla Engineers). So just hold your breath as the new Firefox comes. Its features are really astonishing. Let me tell you some of its features:

  • One-Click Bookmarking
  • Phishing and Malware Protection
  • Site ID info
  • Built-in spell checking
  • Session Restore and Full Zoom
  • And most shocking one, It has 5,000 add-ons to customize browsing experience
  • And finally it has 14,000 improvements
  • I hope these features are sufficient….lol

Do you know that Firefox has decided to create a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD by Most Software Downloaded in 24 hours. So wanna PLEDGE FOR IT.

Download Day 2008

Download Day : Firefox 3

Click on the pic to go to the Spread Firefox page, even you can Click Here also.

If you wanna give it a try then here is the link to its download page(this is the link for Firefox 3 Release Candidate 2), Click Here, but before downloading it please read this. And do you know it comes in 45 different languages. Isn’t it amazing! If you are new to Mozilla Firefox, then you can go for the stable version, i.e., Click Here.


Firefox 3 is going to be released on 17th June 2008. So just few days to go :-D.

Source: Mozilla Dev News

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