60 CSS Directories

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Hi Friends,

Just check this out. 60 CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) Directories. I know you all will surely like this. So, don’t forget to post your comments 😀

60 CSS Directory

  1. www.cssbeauty.com
  2. www.cssdrive.com
  3. www.stylegala.com
  4. www.cssmania.com
  5. www.cssremix.com
  6. www.alvit.de/css-showcase/
  7. www.cssvault.com
  8. www.w3csites.com
  9. www.bestwebgallery.com
  10. www.csselite.com
  11. www.screenalicious.com
  12. www.unmatchedstyle.com
  13. www.designlinkdatabase.net
  14. www.screenfluent.com
  15. www.designsnack.com
  16. www.cssheaven.com
  17. www.cssimport.com
  18. www.cssglobe.com
  19. www.cssreboot.com
  20. www.mostinspired.com
  21. www.thebestdesigns.com
  22. thesis.veracon.net
  23. www.cssbloom.com
  24. www.csscollection.com
  25. www.csstux.com
  26. www.cssbased.com
  27. www.css-website.com
  28. www.designshack.co.uk
  29. www.ceeses.com
  30. anjo.dekiteharu.jp
  31. www.cssclip.com
  32. www.my3w.org
  33. www.csshazard.com
  34. www.artnetz.de
  35. www.css-design-yorkshire.com
  36. www.css11.com
  37. www.cssimpress.com
  38. www.e-motionaldesign.com
  39. www.cssprincess.com
  40. www.cssgaleri.com
  41. www.cssblast.ru
  42. www.creative-pakistan.com
  43. www.netzfruehling.de
  44. www.najdizajn.com
  45. www.edustyle.net
  46. www.csssmoothoperator.com
  47. www.coolsitecollection.com
  48. www.cssgalaxy.com
  49. www.per.fectio.net
  50. www.cssflavor.com
  51. www.onepixelarmy.com
  52. www.piepmatzel.de
  53. www.cssbrain.hu
  54. www.w3c-compliance.com
  55. www.stylegrind.com
  56. www.submitcss.com
  57. inspirace.dobrestranky.com
  58. www.cssgallery.ro
  59. www.cssgreen.com
  60. www.csszengarden.com


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Tips for Creating Good Websites!!

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Whenever we plan for a website, we should never forget that,SIMPLICITY IS THE BEST CITY, e.g., Google! Homepage, it is very simple in its looks but gets millions of user. So the main thing we should keep in our mind is that our user varies from professionals(who know how the page is coded and more than that) to newbies(who don’t know the ‘I’ of Internet).

Here goes some tips which may help you.

Tips for a good website

  • The main page of the site should be very lightweight. So that it loads very fast. We should restrict from using huge scripts on our main page.
  • Images should be compressed & resized to meet our needs. Its better to create a big image using the small ones & use the required part using CSS rather than loading each and every image. See this.
  • The heading tags should be in a sequence and we should try to express our big views in less words.
  • All the links on a page should inform our user, its purpose. Every time add a title to the <a> tag.
  • Our content should be validated(W3C Validation). Since it becomes easier for search engines to crawl the page.
  • Most important, it should run exactly same on any browser(Cross Browser). Read this.

Most of the tips were given by SachinKRaj and rest are the result of my knowledge. Hats off to Sach 🙂

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